Technical Requirements – web site & video lectures visualization

To join our courses you need a computer (tablets and smartphones are also ok) with audio device and an up to date browser. If any problem occurs while watching video lectures, it might be related to:

  web browser and its version

  internet connection (Adsl is highly recommended) 

  1. Browser version

You should be able to watch our video lectures by using your favourite web browser.

By the way, in case of faulty visualization, you should verify you have the latest version of your browser. Here’s the list of our tested browsers and their download pages.

  Google Chrome

  Internet Explorer

  Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 users only)

  Mozilla Firefox 

If problem persists even though you updated your browser, we suggest you to visit this page to download and install Flash player (especially if you’re using Firefox or Explorer).

Please keep in mind that all courses which implement exercises and interactive games will run smoothly if a recent version of Flash is installed on your computer.

  2. Buffering

In case your video lecture suddenly hangs (still image, no audio), you should check your internet connection. We suggest you to switch off the HD visualization and eventually pause the video for a few seconds to let your browser do some buffering.


  Tech support


Last modified: Wednesday, 2 August 2017, 2:41 PM